The Life Blue Natura project continues its itinerant exhibition in Andalusia to disseminate the project's actions, the importance of Blue Carbon and its role in mitigating climate change. This can be visited in the free access areas of the Forum, which takes place in the city of Fuengirola (Málaga) from September 13 to 16.

The traveling exhibition "El viaje del carbono azul", one of the actions of the LIFE Blue Natura project, which will be present in 6 Andalusian provinces (Almeria, Cádiz, Huelva, Granada, Malaga and Seville) during the years 2018 and 2019, travels from the province of Huelva (Visitor Center of the Marismas del Odiel Natural Site) to the province of Málaga to participate in the First Alboran Sea Forum that takes place these days.
The exhibition, interpreted and with numerous informative and educational resources, shows visitors the importance of protecting carbon sink ecosystems in Andalusia, for its key environmental services, and how financial tools to combat climate change can contribute to your protection. With different biological samples as well as videos and explanatory panels of the project, the exhibition will continue its journey through the different provinces spreading the project's actions in coordination with the Territorial Delegations of the Environment in each province.
The LIFE BLUE NATURA Project is a pioneering initiative at the state and community level and is coordinated by the CMAOT. This project has a duration of 4 years (2015-2019) and has a budget of € 2,513,792 co-financed by 60% by the European Union through the LIFE program. Its main objective is to improve the knowledge we have about the service of carbon capture and storage by coastal and marine ecosystems in Andalusia, where the tidal marshes of the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park and the Odiel Marismas Natural Site and the prairies
of marine phanerogams stand out, mainly those formed by Posidonia oceanica, in the Andalusian Mediterranean. In the Life Blue Natura project, the Environment and Water Agency of Andalusia (AMAYA), the Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes, of the CSIC, the Mediterranean Cooperation Center of the IUCN and the Man and Territory Association (HyT) participate. The project is co-financed by the CEPSA Foundation. The action of the itinerant exhibition is coordinated by Man and Territory. 
Alborán Sea Forum ( arises, according to its organizers, from "... the growing concern for the sustainability of our seas, their degradation, the resources exploited and illegal fishing, marine ecosystems and the environment, discards, "deforestation" of the Posidonia grasslands, and a long etcetera, "whose thematic axis is the Alboran Sea. It is an integrating event that will bring together, for four days, experts, professionals and scientists, not only national, but internationally recognized, but in which there will also be a place for leisure with music, food trucks and children's workshops , from September 13 to 16 at the Peace Palace (Calle Recinto Ferial, Fuengirola, Málaga). 

Therefore, an interesting stop in the Blue Carbon Journey.