Project partners and Financing

Coordinating beneficiary
Regional Ministry of Environment and Planning. Junta De Andalucía (CMAOT) / General management of the natural environment and General Secretariat of land use and climate change in Andalusia.
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This entity will ensure compliance with the general objectives directly related to the matching of the results with the legislative obligations on climate change.

Environment and Water Agency of Andalusia (AMAYA) / Public agency attached to the Government of Andalusia, which provides essential services in environmental and water matters in the Andalusia territory. It performs actions related to the protection, conservation, reclamation and improvement of the environment and water.
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It is actively involved in actions A1 and F1.

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) / This is the highest Public Institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third most important in Europe. Its main objective is the development and promotion of research for the benefit of scientific and technological progress.

The Group of Aquatic Macrophytes Ecology (GAME) from the Centre for Advanced Studies of Blanes (CEAB), a research centre belonging to the CSIC, has been a pioneer in the study of the millennial accumulation of carbon in seagrass meadows for the last decade, and has participated in 12 different national and International projects.

This scientific expertise is required due to the innovative nature of some of the methodologies to be used and the importance of scientific rigour in obtaining baseline data for the remaining actions.

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This entity is actively involved in actions A2, A3, C1 and C2.

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) / This is an international organization dedicated to the conservation of natural resources. It consists of an environmental network that brings together government agencies, NGOs, businesses, and administrations across 160 countries.

The participation of IUCN in other initiatives related to this matter ensures an exchange of knowledge and results at international level. Its collaboration with different entities facilitates dialogue and guidance for the conservation of these ecosystems.

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It is actively involved in actions C3, C5, C6, E2, E3, E4 and E5.

Man and Territory Association (HyT) / This association conducts research, and environmental education and awareness through projects that link these three lines of action..

Man and Territory has a wide experience in conservation, research, dissemination, and citizen participation. This will ensure that messages related to the project and the mitigation of climate change will be treated in an appropriate manner, for a better understanding of concepts of technical complexity.

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It is actively involved in actions A1, E1, E6, and E7.


Cepsa is a global energy company, present in all phases of the oil value chain. It carries out petroleum exploration and production, refining, distribution and commercialization of oil products, petrochemicals, gas, and electricity. With over 85 years of history, it is currently present in 21 countries across four continents, although it markets its products worldwide.

Cepsa recognizes and supports the three objectives of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. By signing the Pact for Biodiversity, it is obliged to comply with eight commitments that, if one were to synthesize them into just one commitment, would be: the development of activity in a manner compatible with the conservation of biodiversity including conservation and biodiversity management in business strategy.

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