“Civic Science in the marine enviroment and its role in the LIFE BlueNatura project”

Next 21th December, the 30th Anniversary of the “University Club of Subacuatic Activities of the University of Seville” (CUASS) will be celebrated at the Faculty of Biology.

A small conference will take place, covering issues such as “The role of the investigation for the conservation” and “The importance of civic science” .
In relation to civic science,  much attention will be given to the topic of marine litter and to the different programs involving seagrass beds (like POSIMED-Andalusia).

In addition, different species of seagrass beds present along the Spanish coast will be mentioned, as well as the different methods employed in order to study them.
In the last part, there will be a description of the LIFE BlueNatura project, which focuses on blue carbon sinks as a fundamental tool to fight climate change.

Come and enjoy with us!!!