A successful set of talks at the European Parliament

November 27th has been a successful day for blue carbon, thanks to the conference hosted by Ricardo Serrão Santos at the European Parliament in Bruxelles on Blue Carbon in EU Climate Policy.

Santos opened the event highlighting that politicians have a fundamental responsibility with regard to our climate goals, especially now that climate change is finally being recognised as a global issue, calling for “governance schemes and political action”.
Supporting this point, MEP Mari Spyraki mentioned the role of blue carbon in climate change mitigation, explaining how carbon capture services can help us reach the goals set in the Paris Agreement.
The EU Commission on Maritime & Fisheries Affairs intervened identifying oceans as a partial solution to the issues brought about by climate change, and underlined how important it is to protect coastal habitats in order to assure a succesful mitigation and adaptation strategy.

About blue carbon:

Blue Carbon, the carbon absorbed and stored by marine and coastal ecosystems such as tidal marshes and seagrasses from European Seas, represents a large natural carbon sink. Their sink capacity can contribute to achieving countries’ NDCs in terms of mitigation, as well as supporting relevant adaptation measures. Some coastal management projects also show potential for selling carbon credits via the voluntary carbon market, as well as attracting other innovative financing mechanisms.