• exhibición del carbono azul

From 5th to 12th November, our itinerant campaign arrived to the Aquarium of Seville as its last stop of 2018.
More than 550 school kids visited the Aquarium during the week, stopping at our stall in order to observe, touch and play with the Posidonia samples and ask many questions about why we are raising awareness on blue carbon.

This last stop marks the end of a very successful year for the itinerant campaign, which travelled through the provinces of Seville, Huelva, Cádiz, Málaga and Granada and managed to raise awareness on the importance of carbon sinks and their essential role within the fight against climate change.
The students that we met this week had the chance to participate in a guided tour of the different tanks and in a taller carried out by a team of educators working at the Aquarium.
Afterwards, the classes approached our exhibit and our interns managing the stall provided them with informative material, posters and blue carbon-themed pins so that they could remember the event in a playful manner.

Despite being the last stop of 2018, the event at the Aquarium does not mark the end of the project.
The itinerant campaign will keep travelling in 2019 with new activities, talks, and exhibits in order for the concept of “blue carbon” to gain more popularity.
The participatory activities carried out during the whole year have been very positively welcomed by the  schools reached by the campaign and revealed that, even though the concept of blue carbon is not yet widely known amongst the population, many of the kids involved are already familiar with the issue of climate change.