• Foro de Debate: Cambio Climático y Empleo Verde en Andalucía

On Thursday 25th October we took part in the “Day of Divulgation and Communication” on climate change and green employment in Andalucía.

During the talks, UGT and CC.OO presented the “Strategy for Green Employment”, a plan that would guarantee the creation of 40,000 new high-quality, rewarding jobs that respect the values mentioned in the 1st and 7th SDGs (eradicating extreme poverty and world hunger and promoting sustainability).

The attendees focused on the necessity of a fair transition towards a new energy model that can include all strata of society in an equal manner.
Later on, a presentation carried out by one of the members showed the link between greenhouse effect, extreme weather events and vulnerability.

Some attention was also given to the fenomenon of demographic growth, especially in relation to the concepts of urbanisation and the equal distribution of resources.
Working towards an equal society is going to be increasingly harder in this scenario of environmental crisis if a significantly higher number of people are going to need access to sustainable resources.