The meeting begins for the LIFE BLUE NATURA Project in Andalusia.

The study has begun on 1st August 2015 and it will keep going until 31st December 2019.
The project, with a total funding of 2,513,792 euros, is coordinated by the Department of Environment and Territorial Planning (CMAOT) and co-financed by CEPSA, and works in collaboration with AMAYA, UICN, CSIC and HyT.

Life Blue Natura will revolve around coastal habitats, which currently represent fundamental carbon sinks but are, unfortunately, disappearing.
Therefore, the objectives of the project are going to be:

1.-Quantifying blue carbon sinks in Andalusia.

2.-Encouraging activities for the restoration of carbon sinks.

3.-Setting up regulations, legal tools and conservation projects that can be included within the local economy.

4.-Raising awareness through scientific communication on carbon offset payments and the advantages they can present.

The proposal is directly linked to the biodiversity policy, since one of the habitats studied in greater depth in terms of its value as blue carbon is the Posidonia oceanica.
Posidonia oceanica seagrasses are identified as highest-piority habitats by the Habitat Directive 1120 and are absolutely vital for the marine biodiversity of Europe.
This is why, on the long run, the project hopes to guarantee their protection and restoration.