The exhibition of the European Project “Life Reusing Posidonia” arrived to Seville in January 2018, as one of its itinerant campaign’s stops.

“Life Reusing Posidonia” is a project that aims to celebrate traditional architecture as a tool to fight against our ecological crisis, in particular climte change, and to bring the concepts of environment and heritage closer to each other.
As the name suggest, “Life Reusing Posidonia” stems from the the will of its creator – the architect Carles Oliver – to showcase how often, when wanting to build a house, we forget about the existence of simpler, more sustainable materials  such as the marine plant Posidonia oceanica, almond shells or reused wood.
Oliver insists on the need for a change in these architectural choices, as relying excessively on imported materials cannot be considered a sustainable option in this moment of environmental crisis.