Open Classroom: Where is the “Blue Carbon” in the ecosystems?

On January 26th an Open Classroom  Presentation was carried out in order to spread the concept of “blue carbon” in the ecosystems.
As we know, blue carbon which can be found in mangroves, seagrass beds and tidal marshes, ecosystems of fundamental importance in the fight against climate change as they act as carbon sinks.
The Life Blue Natura project focuses exactly on the conservation of blue carbon sinks in Andalucía as a strategy for climate change mitigation.

Part of the presentation focused on different types of carbon and where it is possible to find them, such as brown (GEI emissions), black (Industry, cities…), green (terrestrial) and blue carbon (oceans).
The conference also addressed the several types of seagrass beds that can be found in Andalusia, their degradation, the concentration of CO2 that can be captured by them annually and the results expected by the Life Blue Natura project.

The Open Classroom presentation was successful because it was met with a positive response among the participants, who demonstrated a strong interest towards the study and its purposes.