Pathways for the implementation of Blue Carbon initiatives to be discussed at European Parliament

On November 27th, IUCN Med, IUCN Europe Brussels and the European Parliament Intergroup on Climate change, are organizing an event that will serve as a discussion forum between EU Member States and stakeholders on the role of coastal and marine ecosystems in climate mitigation.

The base for the discussion are going to be the results from the LIFE project BlueNatura.
Experts will present an overview of the knowledge on Blue carbon ecosystems in Europe and will showcase current initiatives that aim to avoid and reduce CO2 emissions, especially in the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions.
Moreover, they will focus on the experience of those countries that have already incorporated blue carbon into National Greenhouse Gas Inventories.

Blue Carbon, the carbon absorbed and stored by marine and coastal ecosystems such as tidal marshes and seagrasses from European Seas, represents a large natural carbon sink. Their sink capacity can contribute to achieving countries’ NDCs in terms of mitigation, as well as supporting relevant adaptation measures. Some coastal management projects also show potential for selling carbon credits via the voluntary carbon market, as well as attracting other innovative financing mechanisms.

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