© 2016 - Rafa Camacho (Buceonatura)

The samplings carried out with volunteers in POSIMED Andalucía 2016 have ended with an exceptional participation rate which reaches 101 participants. This has been the second and last campaign programmed within the preparatory actions comprised in LIFE BLUE NATURA: the samplings have helped to increase knowledge of typology of the seagrass beds in order to be able to design the samplings of blue carbon in this ecosystem, which is one of the aims of the project

This year, volunteers have detected the new flowering of this plant, which is an enigmatic fact. Its detection is the aim of one of the initiatives promoted by “Observadores del Mar“, a project promoted by The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

On the following link you will be able to find details of this campaign in the blog of the Regional Ministry of Environment and Planning, Junta de Andalucía: POSIMED, the Mediterranean blossoms (in Spanish).