Symposium on Interdisciplinarity in the ’Global Change’ track.

From July 5th to 7th we could participate at the Symposium on Interdisciplinarity in the ’Global Change’ track celebrated in Corsica. This event was a success because we had the chance to raise awareness on the LIFE BlueNatura project, explaining it through the title ‘Andalusian Blue Carbon for Climate Change mitigation: Quantification and Valorisation Mechanisms’.

At the start of the presentation some entities who participate in the project were mentioned, like the Council for the Management of the Environment and the Territory (CMAOT), Agency for the Environment and the Water (AMAYA), Centre for Avanced Studies of Blanes and the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CEAB-CSIC), Association Man and Territory (HyT), Andalusian Government, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCNMed), and the Spanish Oil’s Company (CEPSA).

During the presentation the aims of the project were mentioned:

-Quantify the fluxes and stocks of carbon associated to seagrass meadows and understanding its temporal dynamics
and sources of variability.

-Tentative analysis of sinks evolution over the coming decades.

-Explore and support standing funding initiatives for the conservation and restoration of BCE.

-Ensure the post-project resilience of the initiatives.

The project displayed were well-embraced by the participants of the symposium, who demostrated attention towards the future results of the project.