X Anniversary of Estrecho’s Natural Park

From 22nd to 23rd of April some conferences have been realized at Alameda’s Theatre in honor of the X Anniversary of Estrecho’s Natural Park.

The inauguration of this event was carried out by: María Eugenia San Emeterio, Director of Estrecho’s N.P; Francisco Ruíz Giráldez, Tarifa’s mayor; José Carlos García, Steering Committee’s President; and Francisco Martínez Delgado, President of Garum Tarifa Association.

Before the start of the conferences, María Eugenia talked about the past, present and future of the Estrecho’s N.P.
The presentations were attended by many and were very instructive because they addressed a lot of themes, from archeology to blue carbon in Andalucía.

The LIFE proyect presentation was carried out by María Soledad Vivas Navarro (Coordinator of “Marine Enviroment” and “Enviroment and Water Agency”) and was titled: “Life Blue Natura: Blue Carbon in Andalucía and its role for climate change mitigation”. The speech was pleasingly accepted by the attendees, who were very interested in the project.

Finally, many activities related to visits and tours were carried out on Sunday 23rd. These activities were: a visit to the Tarifa’s island, the “Colada de la Costa” route, a guided visit to Tarifa and the “Guzmán el Bueno” castle, and whalewatching in Gibraltar Estrecho’s with the TURMARES company.